Tarot and Intuitive Readings

Muses of Mystery offer Tarot and Intuitive readings from Tuesday to Saturday or by appointment. Drop in or book a session in advance to find out what the future holds for you.

1/2 Hour = $ 55

1 Hour     = $ 100

Gift vouchers available.


Reiki Healing and Shamanic Healing

Reiki Healing is a system of Japanese energy healing that alleviates emotional, physical and spiritual stress. Using the energy of the universal life force, Reiki is a gentle, hands on, responsive healing that aligns and restores energy centres in the body to achieve the ultimate wellness experience.

1.5 Hour = $ 160 (First session with assessment)

1 Hour    = $ 130 (Regular visitation)


Magickal Products

Our magickal products are sourced ethically from local and worldwide. Come into our retail store or browse our online shop for a large range of

Magickal Herbs for Spellcasting

Spell Kits

Tarot and Oracle Cards


Esoteric Books

Exotic Incenses

Ritual Candles

Handmade Potions and Powders

Ritual and Divination Tools

Healing Crystals

Shamanic Wares inc Feathers, Antlers, Smudge Sticks

Crystal and Symbolic Jewellery

Notebooks, Moon Diaries and Books of Shadows.

Our own line of  Muses of Mystery handmade magical wares are exclusive and made by our practising witches. Items include Potions, Spell kits, Mojo Pouches, Aura Mists, Magical powders, Protection Salts, Voodoo Products, Handmade Incense blends.


Empowerment Meditation

Meditation is a powerful, but gentle tool to remove stress and balance our emotions and promote a sense of peace and love within us.

Journey with us through a guided meditation every Tuesday 6.15 – 7.45 pm

Participate within a comfortable and friendly group environment.

Bookings are essential.

Held at our retail store in the Nicholas Building.

Fee – $20



Our regular workshops are held by the witches of Muses of Mystery and special guest teachers and cover a wide range of topics relating to magic, Wicca, Witchcraft and Shamanism. Workshops vary from week to week. Please check our Workshops page or Facebook page for event details.

Workshops are held at our retail store and cover a range of topics such as Shamanism, Solitary Witch, Tarot, Palmistry, Crystals, Kitchen Witch, Herblore, Spellcasting, Mythology and Magic, Dream Interpretation, Scrying and Divination, and our popular Stitching Witches workshop handcrafting seasonal altar objects.

The Muses are available for special events outside of the city centre. If you are interested in discussing our workshops please email or call The Muses of Mystery.


Supporting Local Artists

The Muses of Mystery, retail and support local artisians sourced from all over Australia with esoteric and occult inspiration.

Artisians Featured :

Belladonna & Bones

Devil’s kitchen Curios

Dressed By Tess

Dr Toussant

Elixir of Light

Lucky Black Cat

Lunanoire Creations


Muses Of Mystery