Written By: Meg Crawford

Ahead of her sold out  Hoodoo For Beginners workshop on Saturday 12th January, 2019, we quiz Gaby – tarot reader, reiki healer and guest workshop facilitator  – about her magical path to the practice.

Where did your interest in magic start?

I actually have a bloodline of French Gypsies who were performers and horse trainers. “Gypsy” has been a dirty word all over the world, but I wear it with pride. Also, I practiced what I can now identify as Reiki as a child, without even knowing what it was. It was only when I studied Reiki as an adult that I found out it was actually a “thing”, not just something that I did.

On one side of the family there was also a lot of herbalism – gypsies were like the first chemists – and my grandmother was very superstitious, which we all absorbed. Plus, as a child I had a lot of visions, which were later validated. It’d be things like telling my mother that my sister was crying and it turned out that she’d just had an operation in another country and was crying, calling out mum’s name.

How did you come to the practice of Hoodoo?

For me, Gypsy notions and Hoodoo come together beautifully, because they’re very similar. There are many aspects of gypsy lore in Hoodoo and vice versa. Even before I started, I  just liked the word – I always saw it differently from most people, who are freaked out by it. I was always very curious.

What can we expect in the workshop?

I’ll be going through Hoodoo from the ground up, starting with its history. Amongst other things, we’ll be doing candle magic with oils and talking about scrying with candle wax. At the end, we’ll be making sugar dolls, which involves writing a petition on paper and then sugaring it. It’s quite literally for relationships that you need sweetening. The rest is a surprise, but one of the most important things I want people to walk away with is the idea that they can go out and feel liberated to do it themselves.

Do you have any books that you’d suggest for Hoodoo newbies?

Yes! Try these as introductory texts. These titles can be found at Muses Of Mystery.

  • Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones (2004) by Stephanie Rose Bird.
  • Everyday Voodoo (2010) Beth Dolgner
  • The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook (2011) Denise Alvarado
  • Working Conjure: A Guide to Hoodoo Folk Magic (2018) Hoodoo Sen Moise
  • Old Style Conjure: Hoodoo Rootwork and Folk Magic (2017) Star Casis

Gaby also stocks her own brand of Hoodoo products, Blue Moon Healing at Muses of Mystery.


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