By Gabriela Herstik

Review by Monique O’Meara

‘We’re waking up. And with our eyes to the moon we recall the eternal truth. You are a

Witch. You are made of Magick. It’s time to remember.’

For many of us, entering into Witchcraft for the first time can be an experience of self-
discovery. It’s a beautiful and spiritual mark on the path to a new awakening, and regardless
if you call it your religion or simply just your practice, it all means something greater than
just spells and potions in the end. For many of us, our craft becomes our identity. This is the
message Gabriela Herstik is voicing in her very first book, ‘CRAFT How To Be A Modern

Herstik has written down the very basic understanding for newcomers of witchcraft and has
done so in a well-constructed tone. Her voice is both informative and enlightening. However,
I personally don’t affiliate with the title of her book ‘how to be a modern witch’.
I suppose Herstik’s take on the word ‘modern’ is referring more to the numbers of young
woman who are joining and following witchcraft today. Those who are discovering
witchcraft within the ‘modern age’, as we see it. But really, no matter what year or century
you were born into, the time when we connected to our craft was modern to us all then as it is
now, the only difference being time changes. That doesn’t mean witchcraft or being a witch
suddenly becomes a ‘modern’ thing. While I agree, this is no doubt an age of technology and
new-age mechanisms, which can sometimes have an influence over our practice, the terms
Witch and Witchcraft are far from modern and should always be recognised as such.
Strangely enough, Herstik uses the word ‘modern’ and then retreats to quotations about our
traditional roots of witchcraft and leading back to our ancestors. Which is it?
Granted- Herstik is insightful and well detailed in her teachings throughout CRAFT, showing
a wide range of knowledge on divination practices such as tarot and palmistry, to working
with crystals, astrology, herbs and even your own clothing for witchy aesthetic and spell
work. You can guarantee an easy read of the topics she covers with the use of charts,
diagrams and pictures displayed. As to do with spell work and rituals, she covers the basics
of some easy moon Magick, glamour spells, alter cleansing and preparation, day to day
blessings, enchantments and more.

I can ultimately say I was pleasantly surprised by Gabriela’s voice in this book- despite her
‘modern’ approach. Looking at it, first glance, I would not have picked it up personally had I
been in my local bookstore. I still wouldn’t say I’d own a copy of this book myself and I
don’t believe many experienced witches would either, nothing will come as a surprise to
them in CRAFT. But for the newcomers of witchcraft, listen and learn from this book. It will
help greatly for those of you who are unsure where to begin and how it all works. If she had
written this book when I was thirteen and just coming into witchcraft myself, I would have a
lot to thank her for, and I hope for the new witches of today, they will too.
‘Magick doesn’t look the same for everyone’. – Gabriela Herstik.

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