Light Magic For Dark Times – A Book Review

Light Magic For Dark Times – A Book Review

Light Magic for Dark Times
By Lisa Marie Basile

“My goal isn’t to placate you with squeaky-clean false positivity… Instead, I aim to help you find
small, realistic ways to gain strength, autonomy, and joy.”

Basile’s spell book speaks directly to the socially conscious young women living through our
often tumultuous age. She has stepped into the darkness, and emerged with wonderful volume
of spells, rituals, and practices to help shine a light into the shadowy parts of day-to-day life.
Many of these rituals are simple, requiring only a few common components, and your time. This
makes them perfect for the beginner witch, or those who (like me) feel they are constantly
wrestling with a pages long list of ingredients! The book’s total list of required materials is less
than a page – so if you have access to coloured candles, a few carefully selected crystals, and a
handful of fairly common household items, you’re probably already set.

However, for those of us who do like to get fancy, the structure of the spells are solid. There’s
plenty of room to add things – into crystals, essential oils, or herbs? You could easily substitute,
or add your own flourishes.

Much of Basile’s magick is focused on magick as an act of self care. Within you’ll find pages
such as “A Poppet Practice for Body Love”, “A Self Love Spell for Those with Chronic Illness”
(one of my favourites), “A Spell to Recharge After Attending a Protest or Doing Social Justice
Work” and “A Ritual to Get Rid of Imposter Syndrome.” I know I can personally relate to the
feelings and issues touched on by these spells – but they aren’t things I’ve done nearly enough
spell work around.

This book has inspired me to find fresh ways to include small acts of magick in my everyday
life, but is also a book I’d feel comfortable gifting to a newer witch. It’s written in a way that is
accessible and easy to grasp, but isn’t an introduction into witchcraft, or any specific school of

Of course, I can’t review Light Magic for Dark Times without mentioning how stunning this book
is. Inside the hardbound cover, this volume is littered with simple line drawings, and is
beautifully formatted. Each page is truly a joy to look at!

So pour yourself a cup of tea, wrap yourself in a blanket, and get stuck into this gem!

Review written by Emily

Meet psychic reader Euphemia Blackthorne

Meet psychic reader Euphemia Blackthorne

Article originally published in the Domain

Meet psychic reader Euphemia Blackthorne (Vikkhi)

If pressed, I’d describe myself as an intuitive, or psychic reader, but I don’t like titles. I don’t question my gifts – they just are. What I do is otherworldly, and how do you talk about the great unknown?

My parents were old-school and adamant that I needed a “proper” job, so I learnt shorthand and typing and was a legal secretary at a big law firm for a couple of years. They saw me as madly creative, which I thought was odd because I was just me.

Then I put myself through fashion school, but I was in fashion for far too long. Innately, I could feel that I was in the wrong place, and, eventually, the universe kicked me out. It was like the tower card in the tarot – there was an almighty bang, and I had a new life. I was shedding old skin that didn’t fit anymore. My parents’ reaction? Well, I’d already been a punk, and they were used to me changing.

When people come to see me, they’re generally intrigued. Often, it’s because they sense that something is little bit out of balance, or they’re fearful – even of their own hopes and dreams.

They come for direction, clarity, acceptance and safety. Some customers are hard to crack, but once we get in there it all starts to flow. Some people are quite, “I want to know, but I’m scared,” so they shut themselves off. It’s about making them feel comfortable.

I don’t tend to remember things from my sessions with customers. I let it go, because it’s not my journey. It’s lovely though when people come back and say, “Since seeing you, I’ve done this and that, and I’m feeling really good. You’ve helped me through something.” I’m not remotely in it for adulation, but that is satisfying.

Every morning when I wake up I do a ritual to get myself connected with the four elements and slough off the dreams, but otherwise I don’t have any expectations: every day is different. For instance, a couple of weeks ago, a Buddhist monk came in and we sat down and did a spell together.

When it comes to doing readings, there’s an appropriateness of language. I guess that comes from experience and life experience.

Customers are putting themselves in a vulnerable position, opening up to a stranger. You have to be sensitive to their circumstances. I had a reading once that still sticks with me, where I was told, “Get prepared because your father’s going to die.” He’s 92. Of course we’re all going to die, but that was completely inappropriate. I guess it made me confront my fears about it, though.

Muses Sales Assistant Wanted – Position Filled

Muses Sales Assistant Wanted – Position Filled

The Muses are seeking a casual sales assistant to be a part of our growing and exciting retail shop. If you are highly motivated in meeting sales targets, extremely organised, time flexible and passionate about all things occult, then we would be interested in hearing from you.

Relevant sales experience is absolutely essential.

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We look forward to hearing from you!

Muses of Mystery

Muses of Mystery is Melbourne’s finest metaphysical destinations. We offer services and supplies to our local and international pagan community. Our store is conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. We specialise in spiritual tools, esoteric teachings, spell consultations, intuitive readings, and reiki healing. We offer a safe and understanding service to our diverse community, as well as the curious.