6 Week Course- The Aspects of Astrology with Katie Emma


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Join us at Muses of Mystery to learn the Aspects of Astrology with Astrologer Katie Emma!
During this 6 week course each Thursday evening, you will learn how to interpret the planetary aspects within your natal birth chart. These aspects of astrology are “how” the planets communicate with each other, through the angles made between planets within the houses & signs.
Week One – Aspects in Astrology: an overview
Week Two – The Conjunction
Week Three – Sextiles & Trines
Week Four – Squares
Week Five – Oppositions
Week Six – The Minor Aspects
This study group is kept to under 10 students so each student is given the time to be personally guided by Katie through the study of their chart.
Full Course Cost = $250 – payable at Muses of Mystery in full prior to week one commencement
Pay through our website www.musesofmystery.com or in store now.
Thursday 19th October,
Thursday 26th October,
Thursday 2nd November,
Thursday 9th November ,
Thursday 16th November
Thursday 23rd November
About Katie: Katie Emma is an Astrologer, Seer and Mystic, and has been an avid student of the skies for 20 years. She writes fortnightly moon magic forecasts, and monthly Soulscopes based on astrology and tarot.