Feb 3: Wheel of the Year – in the Southern Hemisphere


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Date: Saturday 3rd February, 2018
Time : 11.00 am  – 1.00 pm
Where : The Nicholas Building, Room 4, Level 2, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000. Australia
Fee: $ 65

The Wheel of the Year is a metaphor and calendar for the cycle of the seasons. It consists of eight festivals, known as sabbats, spaced at approximately even intervals throughout the year.

The passing of time is seen as cyclical, and is represented by a circle or wheel. The progression of birth, life, decline and death, as experienced in human lives, is echoed in the progression of the seasons. Many Pagans also see this cycle as echoing the life, death and rebirth of the God and the fertility of the Goddess.

Learn about the what each season means and it’s symbols. Learn how to create ritual and spells for the seasons and how to dress an altar.

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No refunds or credit notes issued for non attendance or cancellation.