Russian Black Magic – Natasha Helvin


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Black magic practitioners spend an enormous amount of time working in cemeteries. Cemeteries are the strongest places of Power. Even ordinary people feel the Power of a cemetery. The cemetery is a special place of Power that can be used for both good and evil.

The soul leaves the body at the time of death, but the spirit remains attached to the place where the body is buried. That is why it is believed that the cemetery is inhabited by many spirits. Those spirits, if properly invoked, are able to fulfill any requests and desires.

You must be very respectful to the cemetery and everything related to it. Not all graves are suitable for sorcery work. Only the active ones are ready for use.

An experienced mage will be able to select the necessary grave for work relying on his vision (clairvoyance, clairgnosis and clairaudience). Novices usually choose active graves according to the following principles, but experienced mages also often use the following signs. An active grave attracts animals. If crows, ravens, magpies or other birds are watching a grave or circling over it, this is a clear sign of activity. One of the best signs of a grave’s activeness is seeing a cat on it. If there are feathers or cat, dog, or bird tracks, the grave is suitable for work. Watch for the movement of trees. The swaying of treetops and branches can indicate an active grave, and sometimes there are dead trees on or next to an active grave. If you feel an oppressive atmosphere or discomfort as you walk through the cemetery, this is also a sign of activity. In the summer, active graves will be covered in withered, yellow grass. Any vegetation that grows on them will do so with reluctance. In winter, the snow on an active grave will look crushed and gray.