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By Gede Parma

A new generation of Pagan youth is here, and now there is a book that uniquely heralds their arrival. “Spirited” speaks directly to the young adult set, offering an incisive look at the complex issues that young Pagans face on the Path. This book addresses everything that a young Pagan deals with in daily life, from school and social life to friends and family to sexuality and love. Contemporary Pagan issues and spiritual practices are also discussed, including ethics, spellcraft, ritual, divinity, tradition, covencraft, and solitary work. Interwoven with stories, advice, and first-hand experiences from young Pagans who’ve ‘been there, done that’, progressive Pagans everywhere will welcome this dynamic and compassionate guide to Pagan living.’An exciting new voice from a step beyond generation hex …An excellent guide for not only those in that generation, but for those of us seeking to understand and deepen our relationship with them’ – Christopher Penczak, author of “The Temple of High Witchcraft”. Gede Parma (Australia) has been an active member of his local Pagan community for years.
He is the co-founder of Coven of the WildWood and has contributed Pagan articles to books and e-zines geared toward Pagan young adults.

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