The Artisian Coast Tarot

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Designed by Jade Forest and Elderich Forest in collaboration with local artist of the Victorian coastline, Australia.

Apollo Bay and the valleys of the southern Otways are filled with artisans, artists,
organic farmers, poets and quiet people who care a lot. When we moved here two
years ago, we had that brief window of perception when we looked with outsiders
eyes on a new beauty.

The Artisan Coast Tarot grew from the idea of a local tarot, celebrating local place
and people. We put the word out that we were looking for models, and within two
weeks we had almost forty offers. Fortified by such enthusiasm, we have been
able to create an entirely local deck. All photographs are of local artisans, flowers,
birds and land. The cards are wrapped in cloth that has been blessed by a
wedding and hand dyed by Skenes Creek textile artist Lyndi Whalen.
We cherish this rare country and the passionate coast and the community that has
grown from this place.

We would like to acknowledge the Gadubanud people who’ve cared for this
incredibly beautiful country for millennia.

Printed on 100%post consumer waste recycled card