Witch: For Those Who Are


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By Ly De Angeles

Witchcraft is not a religion. We do not worship. To know more is to read these pages. This gathering of lore, mostly Celtic, as well as contemplations and life-asserting training, spans fifteen years of the author’ life.

It is hoped that this work will assist those who identify as witch – those still trapped by the bigotry and condemnation of societal stereotyping – to be true to their practices. To no longer feel the need to justify. This is for my friends, all over the world, who have long informed me they don’t want, or need another 101, or ‘how to’ manual.

Come, sit with me. The woodstove is warm, and the candles are lit. I’ll make us both strong coffee, or I’ll shoot you a whisky if you’re so inclined. Put your bare feet up on my table, or the hounds’ll make you wish you’d taken the advice.

Make yourself at home and… stick around a spell.